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Australia & New Zealand

Intrepid Travel

2020 With big red deserts, sun-bronzed beaches, soaring peaks and lush rainforests, Australia and New Zealand offer a kaleidoscope of brilliant colours and startling natural beauty… Intrepid is for travellers with a yearning to get off the beaten track, discovering real people, real cultures and having incredible experiences along the way.Experience the real world in the safety of a small group, with freedom and flexibility. Includes independent short breaks.
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Your World on Track

Rail Europe

2019 Rail journeys are relaxing, convenient and a great experience. These incredible Rail Plus packages and destinations mean you arrive refreshed, with easy access to accommodation and attractions. From Europe’s high speed trains to the comfort of overnight trains, highlights include the Swiss Alps, Great Wall of China, Canada’s Rockies, London, Paris, the Balkans, Mediterranean, Britain, Asia and the USA; Amtrak, Eurostar, BritRail, the Trans Siberian and Eurostar, with great passes and ticket options.
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Your World By Train

Scott McGregor's Railway Adventures

2020 | Australia | Europe | Britain | Ireland | Asia | Americas | South Africa | Tour Leader Scott McGregor is an actor, presenter, writer and producer on stage, film and TV. He has hosted many popular shows as well as highly successful tours in India, Russia, Japan, Australia and Europe. Railway Adventures tours are designed for the comfortable, leisurely enjoyment of a country and its culture travelling as much as possible by train in a small group (average of 15). These unique themed journeys open doors to extraordinary places and people.
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