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India | Nepal | Bhutan | Sri Lanka

The Ganges

India has continued to grow in status as a must-see travel destination. There is nowhere on earth like it, due to its unique culture, astonishing art and architecture, breathtaking scenery and unusual wildlife.

If you want to experience all India has to offer, make your plans with Swagman. Swagman India has the expertise to create holidays in India to suit everyone. Whether your style is 3-star or 5-star, Swagman aims to help you experience the authentic India in all its colourful glory while still achieving excellent value for your money.

Marvel at the magnificent Taj Mahal and numerous monuments and sculptures featuring exquisite craftsmanship. Relax on a deserted white sand beach or discover the Ganges and witness the celebrations of life and death. Discover magical corners of solitude, spiritual sanctuaries within the bustling cities abundant with rich heritage and hospitable people. Enjoy the thrill of your first tiger-spotting in one of the many National Parks and reserves throughout India or look for the famous one-horned rhino which are truly special and exciting animals.

Swagman also offers the surrounding countries of Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka, which all together offer you a real choice of holiday options, from trekking in Kathmandu to discovering the ancient temples of Bhutan.

Located southeast of India is the modest and relatively small island of Sri Lanka, fringed with beaches where you can enjoy water-sports or watch the traditional stilt fishermen, look for blue whales or find tiny turtles. Explore the National Parks to find herds of elephants, sloth bears, peacocks and other wildlife, and visit the lush green interior to see tea-fields and spice-plantations. Meander through craft markets and climb the giant rock fortress of Sigiriya, take a slow train to savour the scenery, wander the plethora of Buddhist temples and caves protecting ancient art and relics… Swagman Sri Lanka invites you to discover this island of treasures and meet its friendly inhabitants.

India | Sri Lanka | Nepal | Bhutan

  • Royal Rajasthan
  • Northern Highlights
  • Classical India
  • Splendours of North India
  • Glimpses of the South
  • Best Of Kerala
  • Kolkata, Ganges Cruise & Kaziranga
  • Temples & Tigers
  • North India & Nepal
  • Tiger Trail
  • Indian Explorer
  • Classical Nepal
  • The Eastern Himalayas
  • Trekking In Nepal
  • Mysterious Bhutan
  • Jewels of the Deccan
  • Ananda Wellness Retreat
  • Optional Extensions
  • Taste of Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka Highlights

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