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Independent travel with the experts behind you every step of the way…

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Monograms creates convenient packages for independent travellers, taking care of all the planning and logistics, so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

With Monograms, you can count on both exceptional coordination and the thrill of discovering the world’s special places on your own. It's travel for real travellers who don’t want another minute to pass them by.

Packages cater for first timers and experienced travellers. Included are hotels, the services of a Local Host, a city orientation with VIP entry to popular attractions as well as transportation (when you choose a city-combination).

Over 88 years in travel…

Part of the Globus family of brands, Monograms is backed by more than 88 years of experience in planning itineraries and guiding holidays around the world. Monograms leverages the buying power of Cosmos, Globus and Avalon Waterways to ensure you get the best rates to the best attractions.

Independent travel, where Monograms handles all the details…

Monograms does all the work to build just the right all-in-one package for you – your choice of the right hotels in the heart of the action, sightseeing, transportation around cities, a Local Host at your destination and much more. All the details are taken care of so that you can feel comfortable and confident at your destination - even if it's your first time there.

You’ll spend every moment exploring, enjoying, and savouring rather than worrying, stressing, and stewing. With the guidance of your Local Host®, you get to spend more valuable holiday time discovering the Old World’s fascinating cultures, age-old traditions, and colorful cities like Venice, London, Prague, and Berlin.

City Combinations

Want to combine great cities within one country? No one makes it simpler than Monograms. You'll come away with a truer sense of the country, and even travelling between destinations will become part of the adventure.

Multi-Country Combinations

When you want to see as many places as possible on your European holiday, Monograms offers packages featuring cities in two or more countries. And with transportation on planes and high-speed trains, you’ll travel seamlessly between cities—simple!

City Getaways

When your time is limited or you want to really get to know a specific place, visiting one major city can be very satisfying. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the culture and come away with a true European experience. You can even use the city as a home base for short day trips outside the city.

Your all-in-one personalised package…

From hotel choices, extra nights, flight arrangements, and airport transfers to Activities & Excursions and Travel Protection, Monograms helps you personalise your holiday.


If you are planning to visit one city or several, seeking more knowledge of history or culinary delights, or wishing to relax at a scenic resort, Monograms can plan a holiday specially for you. Itineraries vary by region and highlight the unique characteristics of a destination. Departures are frequent – in many cases, daily – to fit in with your schedule.

Your choice of hotels

Monograms knows that accommodation is key to a great holiday. That’s why Monograms gives you a choice of hotels pre-selected for their comfort, style, service and convenience. Whether you prefer hotels that are close to shopping or sightseeing, surrounded by natural beauty, part of the city’s artistic heritage, or that offer contemporary styling, Monograms can put you at the heart of your destination.

Local Hosts are with you all the way

All independent itineraries include the optional services of a Monograms Local Host – an onsite expert who can answer questions and point you in the right direction.
Local Hosts provide area expertise and insider information, and are available to help answer questions, arrange excursions and city sightseeing, give directions, and suggest activities that interest you most for a truly personal experience. In a place where everything is foreign, you'll feel like a local. And while everyone else is getting frustrated, you'll get VIP treatment.


Start your day off the right way…with a hearty breakfast, which is included at your hotel. For lunch and dinner, dive into the local scene and sample the regional cuisine! Your Local Host can recommend the best spots.

VIP sightseeing

Experiencing the must-see attractions is one of the main reasons to travel, so Monograms packages include guided sightseeing in each city. And because nothing kills the fun faster than standing in long lines, Monograms gives you VIP access at the key sights. Less time wasted, more time for enjoyment.

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