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Greenland | Iceland | Svalbard | Russian Arctic | Franz Josef Land | North Pole | Antarctic Peninsula | Falkland Islands | South Georgia

Svalbard Franz Josef Land

Adventure Associates is delighted to announce the Poseidon 2018-19 collection of expedition voyages to the Polar Regions. It’s going to be a great season, returning to some favourite places including Iceland, Svalbard, Franz Josef Land, Greenland, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and of course the North Pole and the Antarctic Peninsula.

Poseidon Expeditions’ goal is to provide curious, discerning travelers with the perfect combination of comfort and personable service, balanced with maximum opportunities for outdoor activities in the spirit of adventure.

Like nowhere else on Earth, the Polar Regions evoke feelings of exhilaration and tranquility - a euphoria of the spirit that happens when we are reconnected with truly wild places. Be it in the majesty of a polar bear’s walk, the brilliance of Greenland’s aurora, or the immensity of Antarctica’s icescapes, the Polar Regions are proof that Nature has wonders yet to reveal to those who seek them earnestly. By exploring these magical places in an in-depth way, you will be enriched by the peace and equanimity they inspire - not only in the many sublime moments of your voyage, but for as long as you live.

The essence of the Polar Regions exists in all Poseidon's destinations. In each of these very special places you will also find many unique and unexpected qualities. Follow your dreams through these pages to a voyage of your heart’s choosing and discover your next favourite place in the Polar Regions with Poseidon and Adventure Associates.

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  • Greenland
  • Svalbard
  • Franz Josef Land


  • Antarctic Peninsula
  • Falkland Islands and South Georgia


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