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Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China, India, Hong Kong

CostSaver offers you incredible experiences at unbeatable prices. Whether you're a first-time traveller or always on the go, Trafalgar offers the best-priced tours in travel.

Trafalgar's expert Travel Directors, iconic sights and quality hotels will ensure you have a trip you never forget.

Trafalgar provides you with the perfect balance to explore each destination on your own while also visiting the must-see sights and Hidden Treasures with First Class Travel Directors and luxury coaches.

Trafalgar's CostSaver program is the best choice if you want all the benefits and quality of a Trafalgar holiday on a tighter budget. While you save on the frills, the quality and substance of a Trafalgar guided holiday is guaranteed. By including all the essentials and giving you free time to explore, you will see and do more for your money.

CostSaver guided holidays save you up to 30% compared to going it alone. You get the best price without missing out on quality hotels, experienced Travel Directors and luxury coach travel – or seeing the iconic sights. Breakfasts are included and up to half your dinners.

Each holiday is carefully designed to include plenty of free time to explore each destination on your own, while still having Trafalgar's Directors and Drivers with you throughout your journey. You enjoy the best of both worlds. All the advantages of an expertly planned, guided holiday, as well as the freedom to join excursions or explore on your own.

All across Asia, CostSaver holidays help you see and do more for your money.

Why Guests Love Costsaver

Exceptional Value

Carefully handcrafted holidays at unbeatable prices

Proven Itineraries

Handcrafted holidays with flexibility to tailor your trip, your way

Hassle-Free Travel

Everything is taken care of – your quality hotels, all the must-see sights and your transportation

Expert On The Ground Team

A dedicated Travel Director with local expertise

Price Guarantee

Costsaver's Ready to Go Rate

Industry Leaders

72 years of travel expertise as part of The Travel Corporation

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