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Discover the best of Sri Lanka in Luxury & Style

Custom-designed journeys to ensure you enjoy the ultimate experience of this captivating island

Tours designed specially for solo travellers over 50

The islands of the Indian Ocean have become an exotic melting pot of many peoples and cultures. Persian and Chinese traders sailed the monsoon winds across the Indian Ocean to Africa for exotic treasures, spices and slaves and later Portuguese, Dutch, French and English explorers traversed the Indian Ocean to establish their colonial empires.

Sri Lanka is enchanting, steeped in history of past civilizations with ancient cities and monuments, sacred Buddhist shrines, national parks, misty mountains, vast tea and spice plantations, equatorial jungles, palm fringed sandy beaches, colonial influences and the delightful warmth and friendliness of its welcoming people.

Wildlife Safari has designed this collection of private journeys guaranteed to depart on any day of the week you choose to travel.

Every custom-designed journey has been personally designed by Wildlife Safari's Indian Ocean Experts who travel regularly to this gem of an island in search of the best accommodation, cuisine, activities, sightseeing and cultural experiences.

Stay in the finest boutique hotels, restored tea planter’s bungalows, Geoffrey Bawa designed hotels and resorts, unique hideaways, wilderness lodges while travelling in air conditioned comfort by private vehicle accompanied by an English speaking chauffeur guide.

Wildlife Safari can design a perfect itinerary just for you in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. As the Indian Ocean experts, Wildlife Safari can also arrange exclusive holidays in islands not featured in this brochure.

One thing is certain, the Indian Ocean has something for everyone.

Stylish Sri Lankan Journeys

  • Cultural Sojourn – 7 days
  • Sri Lanka in Style – 12 days
  • Tea & Sea – 8 Days
  • Explore Sri Lanka – 13 Days
  • Classic Bawa – 12 Days
  • Sri Lanka & the Maldives – 15 Days
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