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Greece & Mediterranean Travel Centre

Israel is a country of colourful contrasts, from modern, bustling Tel Aviv to one of the earth's oldest inhabited cities, Jerusalem. Add exciting extensions to nearby Egypt and Jordan, and you can create the holiday of a lifetime with the Greece and Mediterranean Travel Centre, whether you are visiting for a religious pilgrimage, interested in historical sites or just floating in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea. Benefit from the outstanding local knowledge and experience in the region for the holiday of a lifetime.

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The Kingdom of Jordan

Byroads Travel

8 Days from Amman, 31 Oct 2022 & 6 Feb 2023 | 20 Days from Amman, 31 Oct 2022 & 6 Feb 2023 | Jordan has fascinated visitors for centuries with its stunning desert landscapes, a plethora of ancient towns and amazing World Heritage sites. It is comfortable, safe and welcoming and is one of the region’s most rewarding destinations. Discover the history and sheer beauty of this desert nation on an 8-day small group tour from Aman, through the ancient city of Jerash, and on to the Dead Sea, magnificent Wadi Rum and the ancient Nabataean site of Petra.

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Egypt with Jordan & Israel Extensions

Greece & Mediterranean Travel Centre

Whether you want to marvel at the Pyramids of Giza or relax as you journey along the mighty Nile, camp out Bedouin-style in Jordan or soak away your worries on the Dead Sea, this region has something for everyone and The Greece & Mediterranean Travel Centre’s experience and knowledge of the region will exceed expectations to create the holiday of a lifetime. Mesmerising culture, ancient history, colourful bazaars and mouth-watering food.

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