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Blue Dot Travel

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Specialists in small group tours to unique destinations

Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America & more

Wherever you want to go in the world that's off the tried-and-trusted tourist trails, Blue Dot gets you there. Travel is in small, personalised groups, many escorted from the airport, so there's nothing for you to worry about - just enjoy the journey of your dreams.

Blue Dot Travel specialises in small group tours (max 16) to destinations that are not your average 'everyday' city or resort, providing like-minded travellers with culturally rich travel experiences to unique destinations around the globe.

Blue Dot Travel makes certain that you immerse yourself in the local food, culture & lifestyle while ensuring you see the main sights of each destination. Each itinerary, from Ethiopia to Iceland, Madagascar to the Balkans, Borneo to Malta and Central Asia to Eastern Russia, are prepared with the benefit of experience and intricate attention to detail.

Diverse people and exotic cultures, fantastic fauna and flora, incredible landscapes - rainforests, volcanoes, mountains, islands, beaches - medieval cities, bargain shopping, colourful bazaars, rich history, mammoth monuments, rare artifacts, fun festivals, great museums... write up your wish list and Blue Dot will put it together in countries as diverse as your holiday dreams.

Private Tours

If travelling with small groups is not for you, Blue Dot Travel also offers private tours to many of the destinations. These are available with just four people booking – or as many as you like. There are dozens of itineraries to choose from. Ask Blue Dot Travel to help you put together something very special for you and your group.

Family Tours

Blue Dot Travel offers a range of fully-guided, family-friendly, two-week trips to exciting destinations off the beaten path. Explore more unusual places, rich in culture and adventure. You'll stay in good-quality accommodation, enjoy great food and see glorious scenery. Plus, interaction with the locals will ensure special family memories are made. With less familiar destinations, the hard stuff is done for you. Hotels, main meals, accommodation and sightseeing is all taken care of. It all adds up to excellent value for money.

More Extraordinary than Ordinary - why choose Blue Dot Travel

  • Fully guided and escorted – Blue Dot Travel looks after you from start to finish.
  • Quality, reputable in-country operators, tour guides and airlines.
  • Small, personalised groups means greater flexibility (max group size is 16).
  • Ideal for travellers over 50.
  • Experts in unique destinations where you will be immersed in the local culture.
  • Comprehensive, well-planned itineraries.
  • Good balance of leisure time so you are not always on the go.
  • Excellent value! Blue Dot Travel's tours are inclusive of airfares, accommodation, expert in-country guides, Australian host, most meals, sightseeing and transfers.
  • Itineraries are available on a private group basis.

Inside this brochure

India and the sub-contintent

  • The Snow Leopards of Ladakh with Rajasthan extension
  • The Tigers of Central India
  • Tibet, Nepal & Bhutan
  • Sri Lanka in Depth
  • Nagaland & North East India*
  • Christmas & New Year in Sri Lanka*

Eastern Europe

  • Bulgaria, Romania & Moldova
  • The Caucasus – Georgia, Azerbaijan, & Armenia with Ukraine extension


  • China's Silk Road
  • Korea & Taiwan with Okinawa extension
  • The Stans of Central Asia with South Korea extension
  • The Stans of Central Asia*
  • Christmas & New Year in Borneo
  • Mongolia in Depth with Nadaam Festival
  • Kamchatka, Far East Russia – Land of Fire & Ice*
  • Japan In Depth*

Mediterranean Islands

  • Corsica, Sardinia & Malta
  • Cyprus, Crete & Rhodes
  • Malta, Sardinia & Corsica*


  • Ethiopia – for the Timkat Festival
  • West Africa – Ghana, Togo, Benin & Gabon
  • Madagascar – Nature's Own Laboratory*

Northern Europe

  • Iceland in Depth with Greenland expedition cruise

North Africa & the Middle East

  • Israel & Jordan
  • Morocco In Depth
  • Iran - Gem of the Middle East*

Latin America

  • Mexico, Guatemala & Honduras
  • The Best Of Brazil
  • The Guianas – Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana

* 2019 Tour. Please see brochure for departure dates.

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