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African Ubuntu Safaris

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Premium Tailor-Made, Small Group & Independent Safaris

South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Rwanda

Get caught up in the spirit of African Ubuntu - the powerful, pulsing heartbeat of Africa's most special safari destinations combined with the friendly, passionate family that runs the company. This is your chance to take the biggest adventure of your life - a dream African safari with all the highlights you want, animals, landscapes, experiences, accommodation, cultures and people.

With extensive experience gained from growing up, living, working and guiding in Africa, African Ubuntu has the first hand knowledge to help you arrange the ideal African holiday.

As a holiday destination, Africa has a vast amount of highlights, regions, activities, accommodation options, and itineraries available, and it can be a daunting and arduous task to tackle the arrangements on your own. African Ubuntu guarantees that the service you receive will be above and beyond what you expect. From quick and informative replies, to putting in the effort after hours to make sure everything runs smoothly for your holiday, you can be sure that planning your safari is just the start of a wonderful safari experience.

African Ubuntu Safaris has an impressive collection of first-class camps and lodges in their books, but prefers to focus on the experience you want first... the accommodation comes next. You'd hate to be in a beautiful luxury lodge but miss out on great game viewing because you're there at the wrong time of year or something - African Ubuntu ensures you get the experience you want, from the base that makes you happy and comfortable.

Each country boasts several areas of interest in terms of national parks or must-see highlights or events - such as the Great Migration or the Victoria Falls. And in each of these areas, you'll find accommodation to suit your needs and preferences.

African Ubuntu Safaris deals purely with Southern and East Africa, and specialises in areas in which they have lived, guided or travelled, therefore being able to provide you with first hand advice for most itineraries.

African Ubuntu - Destinations

• South Africa
• Botswana
• Mozambique
• Tanzania
• Uganda
• Namibia
• Zimbabwe
• Zambia
• Kenya
• Rwanda

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